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Size: 55 S
Color: Natural

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A straw companion to the Bushwick Rancher

The Bushwick Rancher is my favorite hat; the Amalfi seems like a summer version of it: the shape is almost identical, but with a nicely vented straw instead of wool, and a smart leather band instead of the grosgrain. You can feel the breeze through the fibers, it’s lightweight, and it looks great.

Timothy Murphy

Beautiful hat. I receive several complements every time I wear it!

brim isnt flat as it looks in pictures

I think the hat is beautiful but it doesnt have a flat brim like I expected. How do I go about a return and purchasing a different hat instead?

That's good feedback Brian. Thanks for passing it along. We'll probably reshoot those pictures to better illustrate that the brim has an upturned curve to it. That idea for a flat brimmed version is pretty good, though, so we'll pass that along to our product team. As far as the exchange goes, we can absolutely help you with that. Send an email over to and we can help get that started for you.

Debra Walker
Disappointing purchase.

The brim of the hat was smashed down on one side and the recipient of my gift is now left to figure out how to fix it. We will not be placing another order in the future.

Really sorry to hear about that, Debra. This is certainly not we want your experience with us to remain. We guarantee every purchase. If you haven't already, please send an email over to and we can get it addressed. We have several option to make it right.

Not as excited about their hats as they are.

Better marketing company than hat company. Wanted to give one a try but am a bit underwhelmed. Wasn't going to leave a negative review but got a request so there you have it.

Hey there, thanks for the review. First of all, thanks for complimenting our marketing — that's actually probably where we spend the least amount of our time (pros and cons to that, I suppose). Second, we'd love to hear any specific feedback you've got about what 'underwhelmed' you about the product. That's the kind of stuff we love to hear more about, because it helps us improve what we offer. This review is good — we'd always rather hear about a less-than-thrilled customer than not — but it'd be even better if you could send us specifics. If you feel up for it, send as much detail as you'd like over to and we'll have our product team go to work. Cheers!