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Note: The Badlands is a bandless hat. Feel free to wear it without a band, or add your own flair to it. It's great hat to make your own.


The natural world is under no obligation to follow your standard of magnificence.

It doesn't need to color in the lines, follow a blueprint or perform on demand.

The amount of sh**s it gives is zero. Absolute friggin' zero.

That being said, we can certainly appreciate its brilliance in this regard, and recognize it for what it is, and what it is not.

Badlands National Park in South Dakota is probably not one that you've been to, or even one that you've heard much about. Its value, though — like that of its 62 national park siblings — is such that we decided it needed to be acknowledged, appreciated and protected.

Our Badlands hat is bandless, meaning that it offers an amazing opportunity for personalization. Like the park, its not going to spoon-feed you its favorite parts about itself, rather it's going to provide an immaculate canvas for you to run with, according to your personal taste, abilities and vision.


The Badlands is made of fine Australian wool, and — provided it's taken care of — it's built to stick with you down paths yet unknown.


Brim: 3"
Crown: 4"


Side note: This hat fits large.

All sizes are measured in centimeters circumference.

55 57 59 61 63
Inches 21 1/2" 22 1/4" 23 23 7/8" 24 5/8"
Fitted Size 6 7/8 7 1/4 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 7/8

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David N
Very nice hat, bit big

The hat is really good quality, feels durable and looks great. Sizing is a bit tricky to get right. First one I ordered was extremely to big. I remeasured and exchanged the first hat for one that should be a better fit. Plus side, the exchange process was super easy and smooth.
When I got the new smaller hat, it fit much better but still a bit to large. I added the included trim sizing bands to the inside of the hat band and that helped a bit, but it still feels a bit on the large side. I wouldn’t ware this hat if I were doing something active, (ie. driving an open top car, or riding a bike), for fear that it would easily blow off my head. I would probably have attempted to exchange this one for the next size down, but they were sold out when I went back to try.
For the price point, I was kinda hoping for something a bit better fitting with out having to send hats back and forth multiple times.
I would suggest measuring like they show you at least three times and then maybe sizing down one step maybe.

Great feedback, David. Most of our straw hats do tend to fit large, and it's hard to know how that can differ by style and the individual head. Since it's tough to know that, we definitely try to go above and beyond on the customer service side, trying to make sure it's easy for customers to feel confident ending up with the right style and size.

Long story short, sorry you had some trouble getting the hat sizing right, but glad it sounds like the process has gone pretty smoothly, and that you've been taken care of. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

Great First Proper Hat

Nice and rigid. I did use all the sizing tape that is included to get the right fit since these have a very round shape. After shipping I did need to steam and reshape the brim but that's to be expected so I don't hold that against the company. For a Chinese made accessory these have a nice quality to them so that didn't factor into my decision to purchase.


This hat is amazing quality. It is absolutely beautiful and the customer service was fantastic. I was inbetween sizes on my measurement and they gave me recommendations that ended up being spot on, perfect fit! I love this hat.

Customer Reviews

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