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Everyone has heard about Jackson Hole, the idyllic mountain town set along the eastern slope of the Teton mountain range in western Wyoming. For decades, it's been a prime destination for the rich and famous. Summer homes. Ski chalets. Fine dining.

Don't get us wrong. A place that pretty is bound to attract attention. We get it. We love it. Many of us even have pictures in front of the iconic antler archway in the town square.

But let us tell you about another little town. One that you've probably never heard of. Same mountain range, same vistas, just quite a bit more "small-towny."

Driggs is a special place, just across the Idaho border on the west side of the Tetons from Jackson. Fewer "mountain mansions." More "cozy cabins." Less faux fur. More well-worn, scuffed-up work boots.

Simple. Balanced. Perfect. Natural.

This is the overall feel that we wanted to bring into our Driggs hat. If you want adventure, it's down for it. If you just want a great hat to throw on next to the fire, out to lunch with a friend or hanging out at the park with your kids, we think this might be the one for you.


The Driggs is a dad cap-style hat made of 100% cotton. It features a small genuine leather patch with a pressed Two Roads logo.