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Located near the confluence of two great rivers, the Mississippi and Missouri, Camp Dubois served as the launching point for Merriwether Lewis and William Clark. The two had been charged with the seemingly impossible task of exploring, mapping and reporting on the new [to them] land acquired by the US through the Louisiana Purchase.

Over the course of the next two years, they would travel more than 8,000 miles, climb numerous peaks, ford countless rivers, build relations with many indigenous tribes, cross (and then re-cross) a continent and chart it all for the benefit of innumerable travelers to come.

Adventure doesn't even begin to describe the journey. Legacy doesn't even begin to describe the result.

This hat doesn't come with a Congressional mandate, nor does it call upon you to put skills, cartographical or otherwise, to use in the pursuit of westward exploration.

It does, however, call for adventure, and is certain to have your back wherever that may take you.




The Dubois is made of 100% cotton. Its west-facing arrow (when wearing) will remind you of the gratifying feeling of a new frontier explored, a monumental quest completed and a job well done.

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