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Picture this.

Ernest Hemingway is sitting there on the patio of a little cantina in Havana, circa 1939. Wearing a fine handwoven straw Panama-style hat named after the very barrio in which he now sits, he's simply enjoying a tall, cold daiquiri and writing thoughtfully in a notebook when two drunk sailors amble by. One gestures to Hemmy and mumbles something to the effect of "Nice hat!" to his chum.

Hearing this, he sets down his fountain pen, carefully removes the Vedado from his head and stands up. Approaching the two without a word, he taps the larger of the two on the shoulder. When the fellow turns, he is greeted by a solid right cross on the chin, and crumples indistinguishably among the cobblestones. His partner receives the same treatment. Hemingway returns to his seat, replaces the hat atop his head and picks up the pen. The sun is going down and he'd like to get the rest of his thoughts down before the light escapes.

None of this actually happened, we assume. But it's what we envision when we see El Vedado.


This hat is woven by hand from genuine Shantung straw, which gives it a sturdy, substantial feel for straw. It's light, without giving you the impression that it's going to fall apart if it gets blown off the back of your motorcycle. A 1 3/8" nylon grosgrain ribbon is the perfect subtle addition to what is a very classic straw hat.


Brim: 3"
Crown: 5 1/4"
Band: 1 3/8" nylon grosgrain with subtle pinch

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