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Grebe Lake is a large alpine lake found in northwestern Wyoming. It's not hard to get to it — something like a three-mile, mostly flat hike.

Bring your rod and catch cutthroats all day long, or perhaps the somewhat rare, salmon-like Arctic Grayling.

Grebe isn't a particularly hidden gem — in fact, it's fairly highly trafficked.

But the the thing that makes Grebe such a special place is its inclusion in the world's first national park — Yellowstone. 

You see, before Yellowstone, this idea of such a magnificent place being protected as a shared, public resource was unheard of.

Private development was the status quo, and it would have certainly been easier to allow the area to be purchased and cultivated in its own way.

But no. A group of deliberate and concerned men and women passed the  Yellowstone National Park Protection Act in 1872 and the first national park was born. The National Park Service as a whole would soon follow, and today we have 63 national parks.


The Grebe is a cotton, meshback snap closure ballcap made to give smart, determined individuals a great-looking hat to wear when solving the world's biggest problems, chasing their own dreams and schemes or just kicking back and enjoying the good life.

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