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Let's be honest here — Kinikinik is just a really fun name to say. It's also a palindrome, which means it's the same backwards as it is forward. That's neat, right?

But alas, neither of those reasons earned the hat its name. No, this hat is named after a really cool spot, off the beaten path up Poudre Canyon in northern Colorado. Great hiking, lots of little fish and a decent shot at seeing a moose just about every time.

This hat is about celebrating the hidden gems. The yet-to-be-discovered secret spots and honey holes waiting for those willing to pull off the highway and put in a few extra miles.

There's just no limit to the adventure found at the end of the road less traveled.


The Kinikinik is a dad cap-style hat made of 100% cotton. It features a small embroidered Two Roads crest to remind the wearer of the importance of recognizing the many crossroads found on life's paths.

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