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There isn't much that can top a good summer's day river float, and the Oneida Narrows in northeastern Idaho offers an excellent one.

Grab a truck tube, stand up paddleboard, kayak or even strap a couch to a homemade pontoon (believe us, stranger contraptions have made it down the river).

Then kick back and enjoy the four-hour long float. Bonus points if you brought a cooler, and even more if you brought enough to share with friends old and brand new.

Make sure you have a good hat, though, as the sun can be mighty strong. Might we suggest a trusty foam trucker hat, aptly named for the river on which you currently dwell?

Believe us, you won't regret any of it.


The Oneida is a foam trucker-style snapback hat with a mesh back for breathability. It's made well to last, and we think you'll enjoy it for years to come.

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