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Have you ever been to the Sawtooth Range in central Idaho? If not, it’s a sight to behold.

These mountains are impressive — not that they care at all what you and I think. They’re under absolutely no obligation to coddle, soothe or caress your sensibilities.

Did you forget your sleeping pad? No sympathy. Wish you had an actual toilet seat to sit on when doing your business? Tough sh**. Freeze-dried food again? Get over it.

No, these peaks’ only mission is to maintain the sense of untamed, unforgiving wildness with which they were created.

This is why we gave this beanie their name. Put it on, wear it out and we think you’ll understand what we mean.

The Sawtooth is tightly woven with a thick, soft acrylic yarn, double layered for warmth and durability and given a pressed genuine leather patch donning the Two Roads name.

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