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If you happen to find yourself in northeastern Utah, near the Wyoming border, in early summer, it's worth making the trek up to Tony Grove Lake. The area around this glacial body of water comes alive with wildflowers in an incredible way.

It'll take a bit of a hike to get there, but believe us — it's worth it.

It's pretty incredible to recognize how many gorgeous places on Earth get relatively little traffic. Obviously, you can hardly get around in Glacier, Yellowstone and Zion National Parks during the midsummer months — and for good reason.

But if you're willing to put in a bit more research and driving, and then pound some trails, there are some amazing sights to behold.

Remember, though — preparation is key, and don't be stupid. The line between breathtaking and life-taking can be very thin for those who act first without thinking.


The Tony Grove is a snapback-style hat made of 100% cotton. It features an embroidered patch with the Two Roads logo, symbolizing a crossroads. The brim and crown of this particular model are made with a unique soft-touch cotton fabric.

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