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During the time of the great westward expansion, Westport, Missouri represented a major decision point. It was here that a traveler had to choose between the Oregon and Santa Fe trails. Head northwest or head southwest. Now is the time to choose.

This wasn't a light question to ask. There were no take-backs, do-overs or mulligans. You made your choice and you stuck to it.

Neither trail was easy, but both yielded vastly different outcomes. Yet on both, the air was thick with opportunity for adventure, rebirth and even riches.

So often, the only wrong decision is no decision. Certainly there were many who froze when faced with the risks and stresses of such a choice. There they stood.

Westport, the hat, presents to the wearer a reminder of such a choice. A realization that, so often, you can go left or you can go right. Only neither will get you nowhere.



The Westport is a snapback-style hat made of 100% cotton. It features a simple embroidered Two Roads logo with two signs, representing a conscious choice. A call to action.

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