Man in a suit jacket and felt dress hat for men faces away from the camera

Men’s Dress Hats for the Wedding Party

Extraordinary men deserve extraordinary weddings. Yes, men, you deserve to have your say when it comes to what your wedding party wears. For the groom who wants his wedding party to exude sophistication and timeless charm while matching his impeccable sense of style, what better statement piece to include than men’s dress hats

Fedoras, rancher-style, bandless, pencil brim, wide brim, the list of possible men's wedding hats goes on. At Two Roads, we have every style and look you could want for your wedding party! Discover the dress hats for men that will have you stepping toe to toe with your partner’s look.


Men’s Wedding Hats for Every Style

When starting your dress hat journey, you should align your hat’s style to the overall vibe of your wedding. Treat your hat as an extension of the event. Consider these popular options and their general aesthetics.



Black felt men’s dress hat with a black band

Fedora hats are tried and true and have been around for years for good reason. If “upscale,” “refined,” and “elegant” are words that come to mind for your ceremony, fedoras are a great choice. Adding fedoras will elevate your groomsmen party effortlessly for more polished photos.


Pencil Brim Hat

Ivory pencil brim hat with a brown band

Pencil brim hats bring the sophistication of the fedora with a more modern twist. For a wedding style that leans sleek and trendy, try out a pencil brim hat. These men’s dress hats also work well as a standout option for the groom to wear, setting himself apart from the rest of the party.



Brown felt rancher dress hat for men with leather band

Rancher hats are ideal for rustic and vintage-style weddings. Think modern farmhouse or rustic chic. These men’s wedding hats take on a classic fedora silhouette and add a dash of unique flavor for an indie look. They are great accessories for casual weddings, like backyard ceremonies or barn venues.


Bandless Hat

Tan felt men’s dress hat without a decorative band

Bandless hats come in a variety of body shapes without the—you guessed it—classic accessory band. These hats lend themselves to an effortless, minimalist aesthetic. Bandless hats are best for minimalistic weddings aiming for simple elegance and ageless pictures. Another perk of bandless hats? You can easily add a splash of bolder color to unify the look across the wedding party.



Matching Men’s Dress Hats to Your Wedding Theme

Man standing on the sidewalk with a black dress hat for men

Men’s wedding hats are often underrated accessories that should enhance your wedding theme. While the choices above help you narrow down a general style and vibe, aligning the color, body, and material to your theme is equally as crucial. 

To find the best hat to match your current theme, ask yourself the following questions.


What Will You and Your Groomsmen Be Wearing?

Dress hats for men are, first and foremost, accessories. They should work with your chosen suit to elevate your look. For a hat that will seamlessly integrate into your wedding attire, opt for a neutral color such as black, gray, or tan. If looking for a show-stopping piece that can add another dimension to your color palette, try mulberry, maroon, navy, or sage.


What Season Is Your Wedding?

Consider the time of year when selecting your ideal hat. No one wants to be left with a sweaty head during the ceremony. For warm-weather weddings, try a light, breathable material such as straw. Trust us, your groomsmen will thank you. For cool-weather weddings, however, thicker material will provide a layer of protection against the cold while still looking suave. Try a classic felt men's dress hat for colder months or climates.


How Do You Want to Coordinate With Your Groomsmen?

One final consideration when deciding which hat will best match your wedding is how your outfit complements the groomsmen’s looks. If you prefer to be the star of the day and stand out from your wedding party, choose a hat of a different color than the rest of your groomsmen or opt to rock a hat solo. If you prefer a more cohesive wedding party, keep all hats within the same color and style.


Hat Care

Man using a hat brush to clean fedora hat

Whether you’re wearing a crisp button-down shirt, new khakis, or a men’s dress hat, stains happen to the best of us. Don’t let a poorly placed smudge ruin the perfection of your wedding day. If dirt mucks up the brim or body of your hat, give it a little TLC with a hat brush or cleaning sponge to return it to pristine condition.

Is your hat looking a little droopy in the heat? No problem. You can reshape a hat using steam, then try a hat stiffener spray to revitalize the shape and restore that sturdy, stiff feeling.

The best way to keep your hat in prime condition before your big day is to store it in a hat box. This will prevent any fading, smashing, or discolorations before you are ready to suit up.



Where and When to Shop Dress Hats for Men

Man in a button-down wearing a tan fedora dress hat for men

When shopping for men’s wedding hats, it’s never too early to start looking. This is not a task you want to put off until the last minute. Find the right style and correct fit by ordering two to three months in advance. At Two Roads, we are committed to ensuring every hat fits you right. Find out how to size properly or jump right into dress hats for men that will make you stand out on your wedding day.

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