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How to Fix a Smashed Hat

How to Fix a Smashed Hat

There are tons of ways you can steam out the scrunch, the crunch, or really anything that’s deformed by simply using an industrial steamer, a handheld steamer you can get from your local supermarket or even boiling a pot of water at home.

Heck, you can even throw it in the bathroom to steam while you shower.

Just like steam gets wrinkles out of clothes, it does the same for hats.

We personally use an industrial steamer since we have a large volume of hats to handle every day. But don't worry, no matter what steaming device you have, we will walk you through each option.

How to reshape a felt hat with a steamer

  1. Steam the area of your hat that needs to be reshaped
  2. Make sure you can feel the material softening
  3. Use your hands to push out the dents or straighten the brim
  4. Let the hat cool

Fixing your hat's crushed sections is super straightforward with a steamer. Let the steam envelop the hat section by section and knead the areas into shape after the steam has made them softer and more pliable. Avoid letting the hat get too wet. If this starts to happen, let it dry out and take another pass at it.

How to fix a smashed hat with a boiling pot

If you don't have a steamer on hand, you can boil water in a tea kettle or a regular metal pot you would use for cooking. When the water boils, dump it out and hold your hat about a foot from the steam as you drain it or open the tea kettle and let the steam roll out and onto your hat. 

How to fix a hat using a hot shower

Steam your hat by turning on the shower to the hottest setting and shut the door. Remember, you want the hat to get steamed but not wet. Hang the hat away from the water's steam on the back of the door or a hook for about 20 minutes or less and that should do the trick!

How to fix a bent hat brim

To fix a bent hat brim, steam the area until the material is pliable. You can then use your hands to work the brim into the right shape. We recommend using a flat surface to guide you as you reshape the brim. 

How to reshape a crushed straw hat

Straw hats or sun hats might get smashed going to or from your vacation destination. When it comes to Two Roads Hat Co. hats, you can de-crunch both your straw and felt hats.

When fixing straw hats, heat them evenly, working continuously on the wire lining. Start with the brim of the hat and work your way around. Shape it up as you steam, but be sure to lay it flat using books or weight to dry.

Tips for reshaping a fedora hat

Everything from a smashed brim to a dent in the crown can cause you to need to reshape your fedora. Using steam to get things moving is a great start, but be sure to use these tips to snap your hat back into shape:

  • Use both hands to guide steamed sections of the hat back where they need to be. You can use an open palm for large sections and your fingers to focus in on smaller parts. 
  • Be sure to check the overall shape of the fedora every few adjustments so that the general shape keeps moving in the right direction. 
  • The brim is one of the most classic elements of the fedora. Make sure you know the style of your brim before reshaping it so it ends up looking like new.
  • Felt hats usually require just steaming the brim, but make sure it is heated evenly and work your way around the hat until it's back to its original shape.

So if you accidentally sit on your hat, don't panic! It can be fixed.

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