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Take the Paria Canyon slot canyon trail in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument on the border of Utah and Arizona and you're likely to see some of the most beautiful terrain and natural wonders that you've ever laid eyes on.

What you're not likely to see much of are other human beings.

In fact, only 20 total hikers are allowed into the canyon per day. This makes the trail an amazing multi-day alternative to the infinitely more popular Narrows hike in  nearby Zion National Park.

Being that this hike generally takes four to five full days of hiking and camping, it's nearly impossible to carry in all the water one would need to complete the journey.

As such, hikers depend on natural water sources along the way — the largest being Big Spring, a welcome oasis found 12 miles in.

Places like this are a humbling reminder that much of our natural world remains unimproved, pristine and wholly unimpressed by the comforts built into our nation's most frequented "wild" venues.

Mother Nature is happy to share her most remote treasures, but you'll have to work to find them.


The Big Spring is a thick cotton canvas, camper-style low profile hat with a canvas strap and metal pinch buckle. It features a small woven, sign-inspired Two Roads logo.

This hat is built like a tank, and the canvas will slowly fade to give it a unique, well-worn distressed look that's all yours.

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