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The Whalebone is a nod to any of the small, hardworking towns and communities along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

It's a hat that knows what it is and knows what it isn't — but more importantly, it doesn't care what you think it should be.

We designed it as a great, well-made lid that's almost impossibly wearable; in the hopes that it becomes as second nature to grab on your way out the door as your wallet, keys and phone.

Throw it on to grab a bite to eat at Sam & Omie's, or to meet up at a friend's house to— I don't know — do whatever you do when you go to your friend's house. 

It's really that simple. Wear the Whalebone, then live your life and look good doing it.


The Whalebone is a foam trucker-style snapback hat with a mesh back. It's constructed well, and is up to the challenge of being your favorite new hat.

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