When is a hat more than just a hat?

Wearing a hat isn’t always “easy.”

Walking out your front door for the first time with a hat on can be intimidating. You might spend an hour looking in the mirror. 

On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

You might chicken out a time or two, putting the hat back on the shelf or on your dresser, before walking out without it. 

"Next time."

This is common. We’ve all been there. 

One morning, though, you’ll decide to go for it. You’ll place that hat atop your head and walk out the door.

We could tell you what happens next, but why don’t we let some of our customers do it for us:

"I cannot believe the number of compliments I’ve received…” - Wendel

"Upon wearing it out I received a lot of compliments…” - Teig

"I’ve worn it 3 times [so far] and I received numerous compliments…” - Kavin

"This hat is a show stopper! I got so many compliments!!!!” - Brandon

And so on and so on. Click onto any of our products and you’ll see many, many more reviews this.

We don’t mention these to brag (though we are extremely proud of our designs, quality, attention to detail and customer service). 

There’s just something special about a fine hat, and what it can mean to the person who puts it on.

Look, we’re not under any sort of illusion that our hats are going to change the world, fix societal problems, or make you a better person.

They're not.

But we do believe that if you’re willing to take that risk, bet on yourself, embrace the boldness that’s within you, and step out the front door this morning with a well-made, fine-looking hat on your head — well, we think it might just feel easier to approach whatever challenges you face today with the same self-assured, daring and unapologetic vigor.

And that strength, friends, can turn a fellow into a force to be reckoned with.

- Two Roads Hat Co.

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