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We'll be raising our prices shortly. Here's why.

On September 6, we’ll be raising the prices on some of our hats. Many won't be affected, but we felt the need to be abundantly transparent about this and give our customers a heads up.

By this time, many of the other brands you buy from have done something similar. Some might have told you about it, many likely haven’t.

We thought it was important to do so, to confront it head-on and express our appreciation for your support, and to give you a chance to shop at current prices before they go up.

Why the price increase?

In short, as we’re sure you’ve heard recently, the costs of production and logistics have gone up dramatically. In nearly two years of business, we’ve never raised prices. We’ve tried hard to avoid doing so, thinking perhaps things would level out. They haven’t.

One option would be to decrease the quality of our products and service — using cheaper materials, lowering quality control standards, limiting service options, etc.

If you know anything about us, this wasn’t an option. 

There are legions of options out there if you want big box junk and mediocre service. We think that our customers deserve better, and you’ve come to expect and demand high quality and remarkable service from us. Hundreds of 5-star reviews both on and off our site tout both — certainly we couldn’t just snatch either away.

Here are a few examples of what people just like you have written:

"I ordered this hat as a gift and it is absolutely beautiful! The quality and style of the hat is top tier." – Tinnelle L.

"I have bought 9 hats and have been satisfied with each and every one." - Paul E.

"I absolutely love the hat — the quality is amazing. It's now the favorite hat I own. I can't wait to order the next one. Definitely well worth the money, and the customer support is amazing as well." - Corbin G.

So here we are.

This leaves you more than two weeks to shop at current prices, and we hope you’ll do so. We’ve grown as a result of our customers’ loyalty, many of you coming back to buy four, five, maybe even nine or ten hats. We’d be ungrateful if we didn’t pay that forward.

As always, thank you. We know there are a million different places you could spend your hard-earned money. The best way we know to return the favor is to continue to put out high-quality, benchmark-setting headwear to help you reach your full lifestyle potential.

- Two Roads Hat Co.

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