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What inspired you to start Two Roads?

Our sister brand Gigi Pip launched in 2015 to directly respond to a void in the market for well-made women's hats. That brand exploded in popularity, in part due to that scarcity of high-quality options, but also from our vocal focus on empowering women to embrace "the many hats they wear" in life.

Over the first few years, questions like "Do you make men's hats?" and "Can men wear your hats?" kept popping up. There was certainly much less of a scarcity of men's hats in the market, but we started to hear more and more that made us think there was a similar need for a call for empowerment, strength and boldness among men.

The famous line from Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken seemed to embody our desire to encourage men on their own "roads less traveled," and we launched in late 2020. That focus — along with our well-made, timeless hat designs and materials — seems to have struck a chord with men motivated to stand out, step up and meet the world head-on.

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Tell us about the "Why?" behind Two Roads.

Simply put, we love hats.

As an accessory, they're just so fun and interesting. But more than that, they force a person to come to grips with the fact that standing out is alright. Being different is alright. Walking straight, with your head held high is alright.

Where are Two Roads hats made?

Our hats are designed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and produced in factories around the world, including China. While some may take that as a negative, we consider it an incredible advantage. We visit every factory we work with regularly to ensure our product is quality, that employees are treated fairly and that the processes in place are on par with standards that we're proud of. We put our product where our mouth is, and invite everyone to see the Two Roads difference.

Where do you get your materials?

Each of our hats are sourced from materials around the world. This is out of necessity more than it is a nice thing to say. Our wool comes from Australia, leather comes from different parts of Europe and Asia, straws come from their respective origins, and they're all brought together to form a truly unique product.

What makes Two Roads hats different?

It seems that in the hat world, as is with many fashion brands, the "road MOST traveled" is rife with shortcuts. But in this way (and many others), Two Roads prides itself in embracing the challenges and inconveniences found on lesser-trodden, but more rewarding paths.

In fact, from the materials we source to the quality checks required between every step of the hatmaking process, we go above and beyond to make sure we have the best product on the market. We back this up with our Damnson Guarantee, which is our promise to get you the hat you feel most comfortable in, even if that requires us to cover shipping back forth.

Are your products made from animals?

We strive to provide options for every walk of life, including several hats that are completely animal-free. However, many Two Roads hats are sourced from materials, such as wool, that come from animals. We invite you to reach out to our support line if you'd like to find a hat that works for you.