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If any hat can significantly increase the likelihood that you get hit up for indie band, dive bar or vintage motorcycle recommendations, it's the Echo Park.

Look, we can't promise anything. It's possible that your personality and overall character are so bad that even this hat can't salvage them, but even still — a hat this cool can't hurt, right?

Nonsense. You can pull it the hell off, man.

The aggressive-but-approachable crown shape and pencil-rolled brim of the Echo Park make it one of our favorites, and we think it'll be one of yours, too.


We might be the only hat nerds here, but do you ever see old, worn pictures from the 30s and 40s and think "Man, that's a classy hat." Just us? OK.

Well, the Echo Park is made of 100% Australian wool and a genuine suede band, crafted mostly by hand with the hope that it will be around to be admired decades from now.


Brim: 3"
Crown: 4 3/4"
Band: 1 1/4" genuine suede band


Side note: This hat fits slightly snug.

All sizes are measured in centimeters circumference.

55 57 59 61 63
Inches 21 1/2" 22 1/4" 23 23 7/8" 24 5/8"
Fitted Size 6 7/8 7 1/4 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 7/8

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Alex Guerra
Amazing fedora!

I own a craft cocktail business and everyone loves my fedora from two roads. Would love to do a collaboration if possible! Thank you

Larrt Ruise

Great hat great quality great style Great price

Thomas Lane


A. Pareja
Modern touch yet with a classic feel

I enjoy the style of this hat and though it is a bit stiff the shape is elegant.
Unfortunately there were a couple of nicks in the felt of the hat and the edges could be cut a bit cleaner. Other than that quality is quite nice on the inside.

Glad to hear you liked it so much, but sorry to hear about those minor details. That's definitely the kind of stuff that should've been caught before it went out. You can definitely always reach out to if something like that pops up.

Gordon Merfa
Very very poor delivery

When I first came across this is site I was in awe of all the awesome hats.
And in my mind I would say to myself, "I wouldn't look good in any of them.
But the more I visited the site and studied all the hats my heart became set on 2.
June 13th, after great thought I order 2. I bought several items of clothing that will go perfectly with the hats. So excited!!!
But now it's be 4 weeks and no hats. I've called USPS and scared with them my problem. So they initiated a package research and what was discovered that the hats were coming through another courier. I live in el paso tx so from El Paso to Utah it should take maybe at least a week and a half. If the pony express was still in existence I probably would of gotten my hats with in 2 weeks....
So TWo ROADS what's going on...!!!!!!!!

Gordon! So sorry about this, just saw it and wanted to reach out. I've asked our customer service team to reach out to you about processing a replacement ASAP. That's very strange that USPS hasn't delivered it yet, they generally deliver in 3-4 days at most. We'll look into it and be in touch.

Customer Reviews

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