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Fort Leavenworth, in Kansas, has been affectionately known as the "intellectual center" of the U.S. Army.

This name comes from the fact that much of the Army's training, leadership development and combat ethics evolution takes place here.

Now — why would we name a hat after such a place? To honor the military? Well, yes — in part. But it goes well beyond patriotism and blind honor, and speaks to the need for all men to develop themselves physically, intellectually and ethically.

Certainly, to the military, strength is key. It's essential that the men and women in uniform can perform what is asked of them efficiently and effectively. But equally important is the need to own the "when," the "how" and the "whether" of each mission.

Mistakes get made, yes. But the hope is that they're made less frequently, and that efforts are made to adapt, learn and grow together. 

We're not members of the Army, or of any other branch of the military. But certainly, there are elements of these lessons that can be applied to any man's ongoing character development.


Leavenworth, the hat is made from thick, durable cotton canvas. It's built to hold up under abuse, and will only become more attractive as it ages. An embroidered "2RHC" adorns the front-left side of the hat.