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The Echo is named after a point near our headquarters — a junction where westward travelers, whether on foot or on train, could opt to continue on toward the Pacific Coast, or drop down through what is now Park City, and into Salt Lake City.

It's a minor junction; you probably wouldn't know anything about it now. But its significance for emigrants whose only goals were a new life and new opportunity could not be understated.

Like many major interchanges whose significance has faded over time, it now resembles little more than a fork in the road. An incidental choice predetermined more often than not by Google Maps rather than by a weary, road-worn traveler.

Its role, both in past and in present, is to direct the wanderer toward one destination or the other. Always impartial and equally inviting. 

The burden of decision lies on you.


The Echo is made of 100% cotton. It features an embroidered Two Roads crest, representing a crossroads and the value that a good hat can bring when faced with such a choice.

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