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2 for $40 | The Logo Collection


Coney Island has been a landmark attraction for every bit of our nation's history — and certainly much, much longer than that.

We think that's because for so many people, it represents an escape.

Whether it's an escape from the concrete jungle, stifling heat or just a weekend respite from the toils of the workweek, it's a chance to take a quick break from normalcy and branch out. A fresh breeze, the smell of foods far too impractical for daily consumption and the laugher of friends — all necessary ingredients for a successful Coney Island weekend jaunt.

Coney Island (the hat) isn't particularly funny, can't match the thrill of the Wonder Wheel, and doesn't taste anything like a Nathan's hot dog — but if you're heading out for a weekend adventure with friends and need a good-looking hat that's up for it, you're in the right place. 


The Coney Island is made of firmly pressed paper straw, woven tightly by skilled artisans. Its layered two-tone grosgrain band makes it a fine choice for summer strolls along the boardwalk — just make sure to take it off before you take on any roller coasters.


Brim: 1.5"
Crown: 4 1/2"
Band: 1 1/2" fine double-stacked grosgrain

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