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2 for $40 | The Logo Collection


The Montauk isn't about the Hamptons' ritzy, posh estates — it's about snug bungalows packed slightly beyond the point of comfort with friends, yearly traditions and inside jokes. It's not about fancy, five-star fare in the finest restaurants of Southampton — it's about blazing past them all, knowing that a roadside lobster roll with your name on it is waiting for you at the end of Route 27.

Please — the Montauk should never be worn with layered polo shirts or popped collars of any kind or denomination. In fact, if the shirt you're wearing with the Montauk has any collar at all, we invite you to go 2-3 buttons lower than what you're normally comfortable with. God gave you that chest. It's time it saw some sun.

Choose the Montauk for brews over fine wines, memories over "likes," and wearing white whenever you damn well please.


This hat is handwoven from Shantung straw — a paper straw known for its durability and structure. A 1 1/4" ivory grosgrain band with bow is the perfect pair. Built to become a tradition of its own, the Montauk will invite good vibes and hold back the sun for years to come.


Brim: 2 1/2"
Crown: 4 1/2"
Band: 1 1/4" nylon grosgrain with subtle bow

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