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2 for $40 | The Logo Collection


Have you ever wanted to live the ranching lifestyle, but without all the backbreaking work, enormous investment, life-consuming responsibility, vet bills, dependence on complex market factors, and mounds and mounds of cow manure?

So, just the hat, I guess. You just want a killer straw rancher hat.

We're not going to pretend to be expert ranchers, but we can help you inject your style with a small bit of the country life.

The Red River, like the culture-heavy Austin neighborhood after which it was named, is strongly influenced by tradition, while maintaining a modern, disruptive streak that's a mile wide.

So wear it on horseback, take it off in church, and give a smooth tip of the brim to a pretty lady — but don't hesitate to rip it off and let loose when the music is pounding and the lights are flashing. Don't worry — the Red River can handle all of that.


High-quality, hand-woven paper straw makes the Red River what it is — a durable, structured high-end straw hat that you can depend on. A simple, but bold grosgrain band is exactly the kind of "pop" that makes this one of our most popular hats.


Brim: 2 3/4"
Crown: 4 1/4"
Band: 3/8" rayon grosgrain ribbon, tied in a knot

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