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2 for $40 | The Logo Collection


If your summer wardrobe consists only of boardshorts, flip-flops with an integrated bottle opener, and — gulp — *visors*, let's just save you some time. There's nothing for you here. Move along.

Look, wear what you want, people. But most of us have no interest in looking like we're on spring break 24/7. Those days may have come, but they're gone now. For those who like to bring some class to the party, bar, barbeque or beach, we present to you the Wynwood.

The Wynwood — like the eclectic, artsy district of Miami after which it's inspired — is no stranger to a good time, but happy to leave the real melee to the college bros in Miami Beach.


This fine straw fedora is handwoven by a team of talented artisans — men and women whose sole mission it is to make you stand out in all the right ways. The firmly pressed paper straw is rugged, durable and true to shape. The band is made of braided genuine leather.


Brim: 2 1/2"
Crown: 4"
Band: 3/4" braided genuine leather

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