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Sizing is a little ridiculous. And quality is questionable

First off these are beautiful hats, no doubt.
But the sizing system and quality are NOT up to par for the price of these hats.
I spend $150+ on a single hat, often, from competitors. And I know if I order a 7 5/8, I’m going to get a hat that fits perfect. This sites sizes are ridiculously over sized. Their ‘7 5/8’ was supposed to be a ‘61’. (Which they do warn their sizes run big) That hat was too big and had to send it back.. got the ‘59’ and it was still too big, even with the spacer. I sent that back and got a ‘57’ and it was too small. This is a lot of work for a $140 hat. I feel like there shouldn’t be a warning on size fittings after you pass the $100 mark. I should be able to order a hat and KNOW that I’m getting the exact fit I ordered. Then the quality is questionable on top of all this. The hat is quite Flimsy and I was assured the sweat band was genuine leather, but it doesn’t feel or act like genuine leather.. I COULD BE WRONG THOUGH. Also, I own several Shantung straw hats and none of them are this flimsy. Lastly, I’d like to end on a good note.. where sizing and quality weren’t up to par, the guest service was TOP NOTCH. Everything about the process and been expedient and handled with care. This company is going places, I will defo give them another chance further down the line.

Hey Jack, thanks for the review. There's some really good feedback in here, so thanks for being frank, open and clear about what you'd like to see differently.

RE: Sizing
Completely fair points. Our straw hats, especially, tend to fit very large. We've been working on changing that, and hope to have adjusted sizing shortly. In the meantime, we've tried to make this as clear as possible on the product page to help let people know to size down. And as always, as you mentioned, we will absolutely help people get the right size if they end up with a hat that doesn't fit.

RE: Quality
There's some good feedback here, too. As far as stiffness goes, this is a really hard one to pinpoint, as this seems very subjective. It seems as though there are just as many people who ask for hats to be stiffer as there are who ask that hats be more pliable. Trying to find that middle ground is tough. This hat in particular is probably on the 'less stiff' side, while still having solid structure to it. Good to hear, though, and I'll be happy to pass on the feedback.

RE: Service
Thank you for ending on a high note. We do work hard to provide excellent service. It can feel tough to order a hat on the internet, so we want to make sure people feel comfortable knowing we'll at least back up our product and do our best to help customers feel happy with the hat they receive.

Hope this helps, Jack. Take care!